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March Cineraria, oil 8 x8 in                                                                   Marigold, oil 8 x8 in framed
Frosty Garden in January, oil 12x15ins                                                   Old Cottles Gatehouse, oil, 10x12ins
Farmhouse B&B , oil, 8x16ins
Track from Stonar, November, oil 8.5x12 in. framed                                         Cows crossing the track, oil 8x10 ins
Atworth Jubilee Clock Tower, oil, 8x10 ins                                                                           Bradford Road, oil, 8x10 ins
Conversation in East Vetchleys, oil, 8x10ins                                                                        Fence repairs ,oil, 8x10ins     
Bird Box with Anenomes, oil, 8x10ins                                                           King's Stile with Hollyhocks,oil, 10x8ins
Gap through the trees and up to the quarry, oil
Purlpit footbridge,oil 20 x 47cms
Great Chalfield Manor & Parish Church from the moat, oil 10x8 inches, framed                 Last Gate into Atworth from Stonar, oil 8x10 inches, framed
Steps into Well Courtyard, Great Chalfield Manor, wc mounted and framed                                        Gate into Conigre, watercolour                               
The Bullfinch, watercolour, mounted & framed                                     Orchard Hens, watercolour, mounted & framed
            Looking towards the Apple House, GC ,oil, framed                                                  The Chappell piano, Gt Chalfield. wc. 25 x 19.5cms framed
Summer border Gt Chalfield, oil,
Lower Terrace Gt Chalfield, oil. 24 x 30cms framed                            Well Court Gt Chalfield, oil, 30 x 30cms framed
The Hot Border, Gt. Chalfield Manor, oil, 30.5 25.5cm framed                           The Terrace Border, Gt. Chalfield Manor, watercolour                            
           Purlpit Bridge,wc                                             Gt Chalfield, Well Courtyard with 'Natalie Nyples' roses, wc
A Tense Moment, oil
In the Orchard, oil                                                                             In Sheppard's Mead, oil, 19x19cms framed
       Great Chalfield from the Church, oil                                                 Clapper Bridge over the Southbrook, oil
           Sheppard's Mead, watercolour, 14.5 x 23cms. framed                                      Woodpeckers near Atworth Church, watercolour
Track up to Park Lane, Neston, oil                                                    Path to Medleys, oil, framed
Squabbling Fieldfares, oil, framed
Watgrove Oaks, Great Chalfield, wc                                                                      Up To Medleys, oil
Seeing The Cows In, oil 14.5 x 30cms, framed
Applecroft Geese, oil                               Entrance to Great Chalfield Manor, oil
Old Applecroft Farm, wc.                         Track down to Whitley, oil
               Atworth Church, evening, wc                                                    Atworth Quarry from the Whirley Hole,
Atworth Quarry and The Whirley Hole, oil
Edwardian Restoration at Great Chalfield Manor, wc                                          Hempstitch & the Whirley Hole, oil
Tracks through the Wheat, oil                                     The Well Court, Great Chalfield Manor, wc
All Saints' Church, Great Chalfield Manor, wc
Track through the wheat, wc.
All Saints' Church, Gt Chalfield, wc                                                        Terrace border and All Saints' Church, Gt Chalfield, wc
Applecroft Farm, Purlpit, Atworth, oil
Southbrook Clapper bridge, oil

Atworth Clock Tower, oil

Southbrook Clapper Bridge, oil on canvas                           Southbrook Clapper Bridge with teasles, Atworth. wc     
The Old Toll House, Atworth, oil
The Magpie, Purlpit, oil                                                         Applecroft Farm geese, oil
Stonar path to Atworth, oil                                                                       Landing Stage, Great Chalfield, wc
Hollow oak in Great Hooks, Atworth. oil
Path up to Neston Farm shop, oil                                                 Atworth path to Stonar, oil            
Showers, clearing from the east. Southbrook clapper bridge, oil                                    A shady path, Great Chalfield, wc                              
Gate into six acre Conigre, Lenton Farm, oil
South Brook clapper bridge from the east. oil                                         South Brook clapper bridge from the west. oil
Closed today, Great Chalfield. oil
                        Winter Evening, Great Chalfield. oil                                             Lower terrace, Great Chalfield, Autumn. oil
Vestry & Organ, All Saints' Parish Curch, Great Chalfield. wc                 All Saints' Parish Curch Interior, Great Chalfield. Acrylic
The Solar Tapestry, Great Chalfield. wc                                            The South Wing, Great Chalfield. oil  
Apple House from the orchard, Great Chalfield. wc                           Apple House with reflection. wc
View over Purlpit, Atworth. oil
View down to Purlpit, wc,                                                                        Track from Stonar to Atworth, oil
All Saints', parish church of Great Chalfield. oil
The Solar, Great Chalfield Manor. wc                                                          Way into Castlebrook Mead, Atworth. oil.

                        View of the Solar, Great Chalfield Manor. wc                               All Saints' Church, Great Chalfield Manor. wc  

A365, Sunday Morning, Atworth. oil                                                                         Applecroft Geese, Atworth. oil
Working in the church border, Great Chalfield. oil                                        Great Chalfield Apple House and Asters. oil                   
Great Chalfield from the Orchard. oil                                                     Great Chalfield Lily Pond. oil
Atworth's Jubilee Clock Tower & War Memorial. wc                                   Great Chalfield, Lower Terrace. oil
Roses in the Well Courtyard, Great Chalfield. oil                                            The Orchard, Great Chalfield. oil
Queen Anne's Lace in the Orchard, Great Chalfield. oil
Postie for Waterloo Bottom, Atworth. oil                                                       Applecroft Farm trailers, Atworth. oil             
                              Fieldfares. oil                                                          Great Chalfield Oriel Window from the east. oil
Waterloo Bottom, Atworth. oil                                                                The Orchard, Great Chalfield, #2. oil
Evening Rounds at Great Chalfield Manor. oil                                   Badger Sets at the Whirley Hole, Atworth. Oil
Atworth Jubilee Clock Tower with Figure. oil                                                Great Chalfield and Church from the north. oil   
Castlebrook Mead clapper bridge, Atworth. oil                                           Castlebrook Mead, Atworth. oil    
Loading horses at Poplar Farm Barn, Atworth. wc                                                              Neston, old tree, wc 
Frankham lilac, wc                                                                                Atworth Church. oil 
Way into East Vetchleys. Atworth. oil
Great Chalfield from the North       A Break in the Wall
            Great Chalfield from the North. oil                                                    A Break in the Wall. oil         
Gate to Watgrove. oil                                                                                 Double-Gated, Atworth quarry. oil          
Entrance to Yard at Poplar Farm     
Entrance to Atworth History Group Museum at Poplar Farm. oil                The Jubilee Clock Tower, Atworth, evening. wc   
                   St Michael's and All Angels
Bridge over Castlebrook Mead stream, Arworth. oil                                                   St Michael's and All Angels, Atworth. wc                            
 On the Corner  
On the Corner, Atworth. oil                                                                                    154 Bath Road. oil
Church Lane
Church Lane, Atworth. oil