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A red dot after the title indicates the painting is either sold or no longer available.
       Church Walk Cottages, oil, 8x10in                                                  Apples for sale, The Courts Gardens, Holt, oil, 25.5x30.5cms
Church Walk and Melksham Church, oil, 25.5x30.5cms                  The Lily Pond, The Courts Garden, Holt, oil, 25.5 x 30.5cms
Lacock, watercolour, mounted & framed                                     Lacock Bridge - early birds. oil
Afternoon Sun, The Courts Garden                                    The Pillar Garden, The Courts, Holt, wc  
       Lacock Bridge with Heron, oil                                     Lacock Abbey Plant Tables, oil
The Track to Whitley, oil
   Path to Littleworth Lane, Whitley, oil -                                               Town Bridge, Bradford-on-Avon, oil          
Lacock Bridge, wc - 17 x 24cms, wc                                               St Michael's Church, oil, Melksham, oil
                  Church Street, Corsham, oil                                                 Teapigs- Corsham, oil
Avebury Stones, wc                                                       The Ford at Lacock, oil
Track from Littleworth Lane to the Roman Road, oil
Bridge over the Avon at Lacock, oil
Lacock Abbey, Spring. oil
Lacock Abbey from the path, wc                                                  Lacock Abbey from the south-west, wc


Church Street, Lacock. oil                                      Avebury stones. oil              
Seend Lock with Barge Inn. wc                                                              Morning at Seend lock, oil
Bradford-on-Avon collage, wc   
The Rope Swing, West Hill, Whitley. oil
Fisherman's Lodge, Fonthill Gifford, Tisbury, oil
Lacock Abbey clock tower, oil
Lacock Abbey clock tower, wc
Lacock Abbey & Plant Stall, oil
The ford at Lacock, oil
Lacock Abbey, wc
Pillar Lawn, The Courts Garden, Holt. wc
Autumn morning, The Courts Garden, Holt . wc
The Dyepool Seat, The Courts Gardens, Holt, oils
Broughton House, oil
Dyepool at The Courts Garden, Holt, wc                                           Giant grasses at The Courts Garden, Holt, wc
Terrace steps, The Courts Garden, Holt, image size 21.5 x 30cms wc mounted & framed
The Courts Gardens, wc mounted & framed
Avebury, oil
Bradford-on-Avon Bridge, oil                                                                  Avebury, evening, oil
Bratton Castle and Westbury White Horse. oil
Temple of Apollo, Stourhead, oil                                                        The Ford at Lacock, oil                           
                                  Seend Lock, oil                                                                           Iford Manor, wc 
              Westwood Churchyard and Manor, wc                         Pantheon, Stourhead, wc                            A Sunny Terrace, B-o-A

                                              Bratton, oil                                                               Tithe Barn, Bradford-on-Avon, oil

The Old Coach House, Shaw, oil 
The Sign of The Angel, Lacock. wc                                              Monster Field, Bratton. wc